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Judge needs time to decide

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The federal judge overseeing the NFL players' request to lift a lockout by the owners said it will take "a couple of weeks" to rule.

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Richard Nelson, however, urged both sides to get back to the bargaining table.

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Nelson heard arguments from lawyers for the players and NFL owners yesterday in St. Paul.

The players say their careers are being irreparably harmed by the lockout. The owners say Nelson doesn't have the jurisdiction to issue an injunction while there is a complaint before the National Labor Relations Board.

Nelson said she'd be happy to help facilitate a new bargaining session.

The lockout was imposed by owners three weeks ago after negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement broke off.

Named plaintiffs Mike Vrabel, Ben Leber, Vincent Jackson, Brian Robison and Von Miller were joined in court by veterans Tony Richardson and Charlie Batch and Hall of Famer Carl Eller. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, the three highest profile plaintiffs, did not attend.
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The court appearance was the first round between the NFL and its locked-out players in their legal fight over the future of the $9 billion business - including the 2011 season.

When Nelson makes her decision, she could side with the players and grant the injunction, putting pro football back in business. Or she could side with the owners and either deny the injunction or wait to decide until the NLRB rules on the league's contention that decertification was an improper bargaining ploy.

The winner would have leverage whenever talks resume on a new CBA. However, whatever Nelson decides likely will be appealed.

The players say the lockout is causing "irreparable harm" to their careers. The injunction request accompanies the antitrust lawsuit filed against the league after labor talks broke down on March 11.

"All of these players are being affected every day by being locked out," James Quinn, a lawyer for the players, argued.

The owners say the court does not have jurisdiction to issue the injunction while the National Labor Relations Board is considering an unfair labor complaint. They characterize the players' decision to decertify the union "a sham" that compromised the collective bargaining process.

The league says it has the right to keep players from working and says the court must wait until the NLRB rules on its claim that the players didn't negotiate in good faith.

David Boies, an attorney for the NFL, argued that the players are still acting like a union, saying the NFLPA is funding the litigation and has set up other services for the players as if it were still a fully formed labor entity.

"They're financing this lawsuit," Boies said. "They're saying, 'We're no longer a collective bargaining agent, but we're going to continue to do all these things."'

Quinn dismissed the accusation, pointing to a vote that every player took to approve decertification.

"It's not some kind of tactic. It's the law," Quinn said. "It's what we're allowed to do."

Nelson said that decertification is fair because the union gives up certain rights as well, including the right to strike.

The fight is complicated and perhaps uninteresting to the average football fan when the scheduled start of the season is still 5 months away. But the fate of everyone's favorite team hangs in the balance.

"Even though football is enjoying this unprecedented popularity ... nothing is invulnerable," said David Allen Larson, a professor of labor and employment law at Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minn.

It's the first work stoppage in the NFL since the 1987 strike - and the first in any major U.S sports league since the NHL's lockout-lost 2004-05 season. The players balked at more financial concessions when the owners wouldn't open their books, and the owners insist the decertification of the union is a sham cooked up only to apply leverage in the fight.

Now, they don't even agree on which laws apply to the case, with the owners arguing for labor law and the players preferring antitrust rules.

Nelson pressed Boies for much of the morning, asking if the antitrust exemption the league currently enjoys applies to a lockout after the union has decertified.

"The very fact that the union planned to do this affects what they do in the collective bargaining process," Boies said.

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Vanessa Minnillo Shoots Down New Year’s Eve Wedding Reports

LOS ANGELES, Calif. --
Vanessa Minnillo is shooting down reports that she and her fiance, Nick Lachey, will ring in the New Year as husband and wife.
Rumors flew after Nick’s recent appearance on “The Rachael Ray Show,” where the “Sing-Off” host told Rachael, “We’re going to be in Tuscany for New Year’s. Who knows, we may be married in Tuscany…”
However, Vanessa said the comments by her beau were taken out of context.
“He was joking,” Vanessa told press at the BLACK 15n1 event at The Andy LeCompte Salon in West Hollywood on Wednesday. “We are not getting married in Italy.
“I think that’s the game of telephone. He said it sarcastically and it was misconstrued in print,” Vanessa added. “But that would be a great idea, wouldn’t it?”
As for details on the couple’s impending nuptials, the former MTV VJ said their fans will have to wait and see.
“We haven’t started planning,” Vanessa said. “I’m not being sarcastic when I say we are enjoying the bliss of it. I feel irresponsible not having a date!”
As previously reported on, after dating for nearly four years (they split briefly in June 2009) Nick and Vanessa confirmed their engagement last month.
The pair have not yet revealed when they plan to wed.
When they do, it will be the first marriage for Vanessa, 30, and the second for Nick, 36. He, of course, was previously married to Jessica Simpson, who also announced her engagement last month – to Yale graduate and former NFL player Eric Johnson.
Copyright 2010 by NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
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Does your car need repairing

When it comes to repairing your car, you need the ultimate manual before you touch anything C Repair Guide Automotive. While the brochures and books for you from your vehicle manufacturer seems to do the right thing, not really say that it should do what, when your stay is loose or if the president does not seem to work. Such questions are not easy to repair, as it seems. This means that you take your car to the garage. And send your vehicle for repair is good and worth several hundred dollars in cash. With the decline of the economy today, you do not want true to another dollar on something you do to enjoy themselves, no?
If you want to repair your vehicle, you first need to find a good book that you teach, you need to know. Get something you can easily understand. Determine the level of knowledge about cars and from there to go out. How do you know anything about cars anyway? If you are a beginner to repair the car? Is this the first time you take a look at your car? Or have you made some minor repairs here and there?
For advice you need, you first need to know make, model and year of your car. It would be a whole book to describe how to repair each and every one of your car. So expect a book that speaks only to the model of your car and nothing found.
If you can repair your hands on the car, you need to consider before you dig to read the vehicle. Everything must be held tentatively on the head for the right hand in the middle of the repair work. You do not need to read the whole book. Only the section that the problem would make of your car addresses.
However, do not assume that the Auto Repair Manual is the alpha and omega of all car problems. Problems with the car are very similar to the disease. The diagnosis is necessary to properly solve the problem effectively. That is why a book that take to complete a perfect addition to your experience level is. You want something you can easily understand.
Get car repair manuals on the Internet or in local bookstores. If the pages of the manual or a book you buy can browse is better. You can be sure that you get exactly what you need. Note that you repair your car. You do not want that something is wrong the vehicle could do damage.
If time permits, it is best that you enroll in a school repair of automobiles, which can help greatly to increase their knowledge about cars. It is for people who are car enthusiasts want to perfect. There are many schools that offer courses, now in relation to the car. In fact, We are the manufacture specialized in

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Summer Hairstyles Travel Tips for Your Hair

Summer vacation may mean a break from work, an endless to-do list and other daily routines, but just because you're checking in to your favorite getaway, doesn't mean your hair has to look like it's checked out.Whether you opt for a five-star retreat or an eco-friendly campground, it is possible to have easy and gorgeous hair that feels as carefree as you do when you're away from home. You just have to remember, the goal is to maintain your hair while traveling, not try to duplicate your usual look because travel invariably means changes in climate, conditions -- and time! Before embarking on your trip, Patrick Wellington, proprietor of Wellington Hair Spa advises women to pay a visit to their favorite stylist. "A salon appointment for a fresh cut or treatment right before traveling will make it easier to maintain your hair."Next, do a pre-inventory before you leave and make sure you pack only the necessary products and equipment, including a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. "A huge challenge on the road is not having the usual styling tools," says Wellington. While some items like a comb, brush, flatiron and hairspray are essential, leave behind the big cumbersome items like hood dryers and hot rollers. 
When it comes to styling, Wellington says less is more on vacation. "You want styles that are easier to manage, even letting hair air-dry after washing can create a great look."For short hair, that can mean simply applying a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. When hair is dry, a good pomade will direct your strands in a carefree, textured manner.If your hair is medium-length, Wellington says you should try to go with its natural texture and avoid extensive work like blow-outs that can take a long time. Instead, scrunch hair when drying for volume or gather hair in a low ponytail with sleek, tight edges using a pomade or gel for a polished, yet casual look. Longer locks give you a number of low-maintenance options. Ponytails, chignons and up-sweeps are easy on-the-go styles says Wellington. He also recommendsbraiding your hair before bed. In the morning, unbraid it and add a pomade or volumizer for a wavy style that can last two or three days. You can also create a loose ponytail and pin hair around it for a loose chignon. 
It's important to remember that damage to your tresses can happen before you even arrive at your destination. Wellington says flying dehydrates the hair, so you should travel with a good moisturizer or pomade. Apply right before take-off to keep the hair hydrated while in flight, and reapply when you land if needed. If you're traveling for an occasion and need perfectly-styled locks one day, investigate a salon in the hotel or talk with a concierge about a salon that he or she recommends nearby. This will save you from carting all of your own products and tools with you.And if you're roughing it in the great outdoors, hair shouldn't be a priority. Try tucking it back with a little pomade or gel, and don't forget to protect it from the sun with an SPF spray made especially for hair. Finally, for the lowest-maintenance days, be sure to pack a great looking scarf or hat. "Don't be concerned with over-styling your hair," says Wellington. After all, vacations are all about rest -- which your hair needs from time to time too.

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Are You Ready For Worldcup 2010?

World Cup 2010 soccer tournament is one of the most anticipated events in the world of sport this year. It contains 32 of the best football teams in the world to compete for more than two months in the summer. These national FIFA for the honor of the classification of the 2010 World Cup team shave competes in August 2007, and now the time to play the tournament is finally here. The fans buy their tickets and make travel plans to attend what promises to be one of the most electric of the FIFA World Cup tournaments over the years.

Cape Town, South Africa to host the 2010 World Cup. He earned the honor through a process of complete tender documents, and now the city is prepared for the influx of fans, players and media covered in early summer. A state of the art new stadium was designed and built specifically to host this event. The World Cup 2010 opponents of the Olympic Games as one of the biggest competitions in the world and generates the same kind of folly for the city hosting the event.
Crowd Control is an important event in the World Cup, because national pride tends a World Cup game to make fans more excited than usual.

Every four years, is taking place, the football World Cup tournament of the climax of the football world and celebrate the champions of the World Cup title for the next four years.
Italy has the proud holder of the Cup was in the last four years, and there are several clubs who want to change things this time. Some arbitrators in the dispute over the qualification rounds adds a little drama for the 2010 World Cup tournament this summer, with all eyes on the lookout for bugs and screams every game called correctly. There is a controversy in connection with whether there are other close calls.

There are several teams in the tournament in 2010 World Cup, which they have a chance to feel lost to Italy on the throne of the championship. At this point, everyone has an equal chance, and it is always interesting to see that break hoists and pressure equipment. Some of the most interesting teams to watch this year include the United States, which is known for its football prowess.

To see a team from another reason is France. Advanced after against Ireland in a very controversial match in which a player is not French for the wrong ball was punished. The French players are sure that in each game fresh with this famous controversy in the minds of all be controlled.

If you're a football fan, you're probably looking forward to start us on the show. If you have never paid much attention to football, is likely to play a bit more about them than we used to in the coming months. The focus of the world travel to South Africa earlier this summer that the elite soccer clubs for the opportunity to fight to bring glory to their country of origin of the football tournament.

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